Rsync: failed to set times on

How to fix failed to set times on error from Rsync

The "failed to set times on, Operation not permitted (1)" error might appear if the destination folder doesn't have the correct permissions. Or if the destination folder is on the NFS file system.

The error looks like this:

rsync: failed to set times on "/destination_folder": Operation not permitted (1)

Check folder permissions

Check that the destination folder has the correct permissions.

The user running the Rsync command should own the destination folder:

$ chown -R username /destination_folder

Don't add modification times

Avoid setting modification times on the transferred times:

Add the -O for --omit-dir-times to the rsync command. This will not set modification times on the directories that are being transferred:



$ rsync -crlt /source_directory USER@HOST:destination_directory

The crlt options are described like this:

-lPreserves links
-cSyncs based on file checksum
-tPreserves modification times