Traceroute explanations

traceroute vs tracert

traceroute is the command used in MacOS and Linux OS, while tracert is the command used in Windows OS. They both have the same functionality and will return the same data.

traceroute vs ping

Both traceroute and ping are used for troubleshooting network issues, but there are various differences between traceroute and ping:

  • ping sends a packet to a particular IP address and wait for a reply to check if the address is valid or not.
  • traceroute sends packets of data, with increasing TTL gradually, to trace the exact hops taken to reach a host.

traceroute alternatives

Other commands used for troubleshooting network issues:

  • ping- Used to check whether a particular IP address is valid or not.
  • netstat- Used to check the network connections for TCP, routing tables, and other network protocol statistics.
  • pathping- Used to locate spots that have network latency and network loss. This command combines the functionality of ping and tracert.
  • nslookup- Used for querying the DNS to obtain the mapping between a domain name and the IP address.