nslookup references

References for nslookup

nslookup helpThis parameter displays short descriptions of nslookup sub commands.
nslookup setUsed in editing the configuration settings of nslookup.
nslookup exitUsed to exit the nslookup command tool.
nslookup lsThis displays all the information for a DNS domain.
nslookup viewUsed to classify and display the output of previously typed ls commands.
nslookup lserverUsed to switch from the default server to the specified domain DNS.
nslookup rootUsed to switch from the default server to the root server of the specified domain's DNS name space.
nslookup set allDisplays all values of the configuration settings.
nslookup set rootUsed to change the name of the root server that is used to make queries.
nslookup set searchThis parameter adds the DNS domain names from the DNS domain search list to the request till the answer is given. This sets includes
nslookup set portThis is used to change the default name server port of TCP/UDP to your specified value.
nslookup set domainUsed to set the default DNS domain name.
nslookup set srhlistUsed to edit the search list and DNS domain name.
nslookup set query typeSets the resource record type for the query.
nslookup set timeoutThis is used to set the time (in seconds) to wait for a reply after a given request.
nslookup fingerThis parameter is used to connect to the finger server of the current computer.
nslookup set vcThe VC means virtual circuit. This is used to specify whether to or not to use virtual circuits to send requests to the server.
nslookup serverThis helps change the default server to your specified DNS domain.
nslookup set debugThis enables and disables nslookup debug mode.
nslookup set retryThis sets the number of retries.
nslookup set recurseThis parameter sets the DNS to query other servers when the server does not have the needed information.