Website Monitoring

Monitor your website availability, set up alarms to get notified when outages occur.

One monitor with everything included

Check everything about your website with a single monitor.

HTTP 200 OK status check.Detect and get notified if your website doesn't return HTTP 200 OK status.

HTTP Caching headers check.Detect and get notified if your website doesn't return the correct HTTP Caching headers (for example, CloudFlare CF-* headers)

301 redirection check.Detect and get notified if website 301 redirects aren't working properly.

Monitor from 3 regions

Check your website from 3 world regions (US, EU & Asia).

Worldwide HTTP 200 OK checks.Check HTTP 200 OK from all regions.

Reduce monitoring costs.Check for a specific string in the HTTP body response from one single region, but check HTTP 200 OK from all regions.

Detect website differences between regions.Get notified if the HTTP body response is not the same across all 3 regions.

Monitor headers, monitor responses

Go beyond simple HTTP protocol checks and keep an eye on HTTP headers and response body.

Monitor your own HTTP scenarios.Check that certain HTTP headers are present on certain website pages.

Switch user-agent.Check your website with different user-agent string values ( Mozilla/5.0 Windows NT 6.1)

Different alarms for different HTTP response status codes.Configure alarms based on the HTTP response status code received.

Other ways you can use Console9 for monitoring

Detect the presence of one or multiple content strings in HTTP body response.

Detect if Content-encoding: gzip HTTP header is present for website speed optimization purposes.

Detect if your website is no longer served by your CDN (ie. CloudFlare).

Detect if your website can read & write cookies on a user's browser device.