Technical SEO Monitoring

Monitor your website's most important pages for potential SEO changes that could affect your SEO ranking.

Monitor changes that can impact SEO

Run continuous tests across your entire website and detect if any changes might impact your SEO rankings.

User-agent: Googlebot.Monitor your website content using various user-agents and detect if issues occur.

301 redirection fails.Verify that important 301 redirects are always working and redirecting users to the correct URLs.

User-agent simulation.Monitor how your website respond to different user-agent values.

Monitor robots.txt & more

Verify that robots.txt, sitemap.xml and other important resources are always accessible to search engine bots.

Validate robots.txt.Check that your robots.txt is accessible from multiple regions across the world.

Validate sitemap.xml.Verify that your sitemap XML file is accessible and parsable from multiple regions across the world.

Validate keywords.Check that certain keywords are present on your website's most important pages.

Other ways you can use Console9 for monitoring

Detect the presence of one or multiple content strings in HTTP body response.

Detect if Content-encoding: gzip HTTP header is present for website speed optimization purposes.

Detect if your website is no longer served by your CDN (ie. CloudFlare).

Detect if your website can read & write cookies on a user's browser device.