Domain Monitoring

Monitor your domain health and set up alarms to get notified when any WHOIS changes occur or domain issues are detected.

Monitor domain WHOIS

Set up alarms to get notified when your domain is about to expire so you're not caught off-guard.

Expiry date.Check your domain expiry date and get notified for any changes that occur regarding your domain.

WHOIS changes.Detect and get notified if new information appear in the WHOIS information of your domain.

Domain lock.Detect and set-up alarms to alert if your domain status lock is changed.

Monitor domain uptime

Set up alarms to get notified when your domain is down or it's not accessible from multiple regions.

Uptime availability.Routinely check your domain uptime availability, get notified of any issues.

Accessible.Check that your domain is online and it's accessible from multiple regions.

Worldwide availability checks.Check your domain uptime availability from multiple regions across the world.

Monitor domain blacklisting

Set up alarms to get notified when your domain appears in Domain/DNS or Email blacklists.

DNS blacklists.Set up alarms to get notified if your domain appears in any DNS blacklists.

Email blacklists.Get notified whenever your domain IP address appears in any email blacklists.

DNSBL.Check your domains and IP addresses if they are part of any specific DNSBL or RBL lists.

Other ways you can use Console9 for monitoring

Detect the presence of one or multiple content strings in HTTP body response.

Detect if Content-encoding: gzip HTTP header is present for website speed optimization purposes.

Detect if your website is no longer served by your CDN (ie. CloudFlare).

Detect if your website can read & write cookies on a user's browser device.