DNS Monitoring

Monitor your DNS, set up alarms to get notified when outages happen and misconfigurations are detected.

Monitor DNS for reliability

Check your DNS setup to ensure that it's reliable around the clock and across multiple regions.

DNS performance.Check your DNS performance from 3 regions and get notified of any issues.

DNS issues.Detect and get notified if any issues appear in your DNS configuration.

DNS resolution chain.Check and discover misconfigured DNS records in the resolution chain.

Round-the-clock DNS monitoring

Check your DNS uptime availability from multiple locations and get notified if any issues might impact your DNS availability.

DNS records monitoring.Configure a monitor to check your DNS records as often as you want.

DNS query performance.Monitor for DNS query resolution and query performance.

DNS records misconfiguration.Monitor your DNS to detect any misconfigurations.

Monitor all DNS record types

Verify all your DNS record types across multiple regions and detect misconfigurations between record types and regions.

All DNS records, one monitor.With a single monitor, you can monitor all your DNS record types.

DNS checks from multiple locations.Monitor all your DNS records from 3 regions across the world.

Trace DNS resolutions.Set up your monitor and trace all DNS resolutions to pinpoint issues..

Other ways you can use Console9 for monitoring

Detect the presence of one or multiple content strings in HTTP body response.

Detect if Content-encoding: gzip HTTP header is present for website speed optimization purposes.

Detect if your website is no longer served by your CDN (ie. CloudFlare).

Detect if your website can read & write cookies on a user's browser device.